Sorry guys, my blog was down for a while, my archive was gone but I am repairing it. So, it’s my first blog after months. You probably didn’t know that recent escalations forced Azerbaijanis to question their ‘humanism’. As in all countries, we also had warmongers and pacifists. But from outside, Azerbaijan looks quite solid. It would seem that we are savage, dirty butchers. So I decided to make a little interview with random people on Twitter. I chose people randomly from likers of this tweet:

My questions were:

  1. What’s your family background?
  2. How’s your education situation?
  3. What you think about recent escalations in Karabakh? Azerbaijani society was divided into pro and anti-war ideas. On which side did you stand?
  4. Do you consider yourself religious?
  5. Do you consider yourself a patriot?
  6. Which foreign language(s) you know?
  7. What’s your purpose for future?

All interviews were made either by Twitter Direct Messages or Facebook Chat. I was not personally friends with most of respondents. Just click on the tabs too see specific answers.

I guess it’s time for myself. I am from upper middle class, evolving conservative family. I’ve changed three universities so far, may be even fourth or who knows I might be a bachelor’s degree student till I die. I was against war for several reasons:

  • I am an individualistic anarchist, I can’t possibly support a war, where the state is involved in.
  • Sitting in Ankara and warmongering would be ethically wrong.
  • I am in favor of peaceful resolution and civil diplomacy. In my opinion, Karabakh could be a perfect place to create a confederation with Azerbaijani, Armenian and Kurdish native population. It should be under no juristiction of neither Azerbaijan nor Armenia but there should be a ‘No Visa’ policy too for both countries.
  • I am against forced military conscription.

I am an apatheist, I don’t care if there is God or not. I simply live as I please. I was a racist when I was teen, now I am not a patriot in any case. Actually, I despise patriotism now, it feels disgusting. It should not be mistaken for anti-racism though. I am anti-nationalist, I wouldn’t stand silent if someone discriminates against me just because of my ethnicity. I speak English and Turkish, I also partly speak in Norwegian and Russian. I don’t really know what I want to be in future. My greatest desire is to travel the world with woman I love. Or may be sweet embrace of death, I am not sure.